May / June 2020 ISSUE
Executive Q&A

Future Focus

Many in the textile sphere liken the COVID-19 crisis to a wake up call. It’s a time to re-think supply chains, analyze the ability to operate closer to the marketplace, and consider new sourcing models. Creating a culture of collaboration goes hand in hand with assessing supply chain structure. Read the full story.

Executive Q&A

Planet Positive

These days, if you want to see sustainability in action, look out the window. Smog has lifted in Los Angeles to reveal a skyline view, in Venice dolphins are swimming in clean water canals, bald eagles soar over Denver, and in Toronto the family of fox that settled into a... Read the full story.


One Billion Gowns by August

The COVID-19 pandemic could well have been the demise of the U.S. textile and apparel industry. Instead, it has presented the industry with an opportunity to respond in a cooperative effort that may harbinger the development of a robust vertical supply chain in the U.S. and Western Hemisphere. Read the full story.


Industry’s New Reality

The traditional tradeshow circuit, a dependable industry cycle of events scheduled years in advance, is getting a do-over. As spring gives way to summer the business conference format continues to... Read the full story.

In The Studio

Wearing What Matters

Creativity in the time of isolation has designers turning to what they have on hand. “We learn to adapt and use creativity to forward that,” says Kim Brannock, who turned header card swatches as well as old camping gear into... Read the full story.


The Future of Gathering

As the “old” days of shuttling to presentations and large trade shows in early 2020 seem like just a blur, industry executives are currently doubling down on how the business of marketing and selling textiles will change...  Read the full story.


The Performance Pivot

Industry and consumers alike have responded to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic by shifting to a new normal that requires face masks and routine safety measures. This change, so fast paced and unexpected, has... Read the full story.

Out of Context

Textiles on the Trail

I don’t know what your trailhead parking lots look like, but here in Colorado ours are packed full, like Fourth of July full, every day of the week. In this state if you’re not at work or drinking expensive craft beer, you go outside... Read the full story.

March / April 2020 ISSUE
Roadways To Profitability

Whether it's investing in the latest machinery for new manufacturing methods, forging relationships to build traction in new markets, or innovating programs to create a modern workforce pipeline for a USA supply chain, paths to profitability are clearing the way forward for American-made in the future. Read the full story.

Functional Fabrics

Performance Plus

While brands and consumers alike appreciate functional fabrics — offering performance benefits such as odor control, moisture management, and weather protection — many are starting to question exactly what kind of mad science goes into them.
Read the full story.


The Whole Package

With an increasing number of cities and municipalities eliminating the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam at retail, both consumers and companies are thinking more about how they package and transport products.
Read the full story.


Bringing the Heat

How to keep warm in cold weather has challenged the best and the brightest in the business over the decades, inspiring advances in insulation materials, strategic layering, engineered fibers and smart yarns. Read the full story.

Swift Industries’ Martina Brimmer

Up Cycling

Fresh off of a five-day gravel bike camp full of technical descents and pace-line practice in Elgin, Arizona, Martina Brimmer reflects on how much adventure cycling — and her business — means to her.  Read the full story.

Out of Context

Post Lockdown Vagabonds

Recently I penned this letter to my governor; the textile industry might find it of interest as well: Dear State of Colorado,Without being histrionic, I think we should consider that this coming summer could be the biggest Colorado tourist travel season in history, by far... Read the full story.

MAde in america

Domestic Manufacturing Fit for Today

When Jaclyn Jones wanted to launch her namesake brand in 2015, finding a factory in the U.S. that would take her on was no easy feat. Now, not only does Jones manufacture her Jaclyn Jones USA product line of shoes, she owns the factory that makes it.  Read the full story.

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