November / December 2019 ISSUE
Impact makers
Women in textile

Trendsetters 2019

This is our eighth annual TrendSetters edition, and for the first time we are focusing exclusively on women in textiles. Featured here and on the following pages are talented individuals who are influencing market direction with creative design, elevated product development and inspired leadership.
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Impact maker
Fish, Run, Utility

3 to Watch

We asked experts, checked the stats, and tickled a few trends to confirm what is resonating in today’s marketplace and the role textiles can play. The result: Running, fishing and utility are three important categories trending for 2020. Read the full story.

Impact maker
business models

The Rise of Responsible Business

When Nicole Bassett envisioned how to run her company she did not go the conventional route. Yet, like other business leaders redefining success in today’s marketplace, Bassett’s focus on corporate accountability is paying off: The Renewal Workshop is thriving. Read the full story.

Impact Makers

Not Your Garden Variety Textiles

Carbon sequestration — the process of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil, the ocean, or in geologic formations — is one of the best ways to move the climate change needle toward net-zero. Read the full story.

In The Market
Material Innovation

By Land or By Sea

The founders of Dimension-Polyant may have salt in their veins from a heritage of sailcloth making, but these days execs at the Connecticut-based firm have their sights set on outdoor adventures of a different kind. Read the full story.

Out of Context

Online Opens the Door for Trusted Textiles

It comes as no surprise that the list of recent store closures is populated with apparel retailers. These stalwart merchants have satisfied thousands of customers who throughout the year perused their racks, used their dressing rooms, and showed up at their sales events. Read the full story.


Listen & Learn

If you have any integrity about you, sustainability should be an inherent part of both your life and your business, but when it comes to textiles it isn’t just about recycling, though this is an important sector, there is a myriad of ways we can adhere to a more sustainable future. Read the full story.

September / October 2019 ISSUE

Emerging Enterprises

Even companies rooted in green ideals are upping their sustainability profile as it becomes increasingly clear within the textile industry that doing good for the planet has become the modern business model.
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Mission Possible

Textile firms are setting ambitious environmental goals as the need to expand the boundaries of sustainability takes on a heightened sense of urgency within the industry. Read the full story.

Emissions Reduction

Achieving Net-Zero

The textile and apparel industries are steadily making strides towards becoming more sustainable. Recycled and organic fibers, kinder chemistries, more efficient manufacturing and local sourcing are yielding measurable reductions in waste and pollution. Read the full story.


Reframing the Waste Hierarchy

The mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has been around for years. As we move forward with new standards of sustainability, and consumers make more considered choices, we identify three innovative ways to extend the life of garments. Read the full story.


Yes, Consumers Want Green

So what does “green” mean in terms of footwear today? The products shown here illustrate the latest ways brands are expanding eco options to satisfy shopper desire for shoes that feature a lighter environmental footprint. Read the full story.

Out of Context

Old Carbon

I follow an outdoor journalist whom I admire. The writing is personal, fluid and often deals with the emerging dilemmas facing a climate conscious outdoorsperson and adventurer.
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Chemours Company

Optimistically Seeking Goals

We’ve now come to the realization that “this collective effort by the industry is essential for the changes we’re trying to achieve to take place, and at a scale that’s going to matter for us, the planet and society,” says Chemours’ Bob Buck. Read the full story.

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