July / August 2020 ISSUE

The Quest to Protect

Call it an extra barrier, or a safety shield, yet regardless of a specific label, consumers are on the lookout for materials that offer protection. Of course antimicrobials are being used widely for all sort of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), however, as the COVID crisis continues to influence how people value products... Read the full story.


Clearing the Confusion

As coronavirus continues to run its course, textile treatments to combat the disease are entering the marketplace at a rapid rate with a surge of interest around antimicrobial and anti-viral solutions. Read the full story.


A New Active Uniform

Trend forecasters are having a field day predicting what consumers will want to wear in the future. The “Work From Home” wardrobe established during coronavirus restrictions likely will stick around, but even that category of clothing will give way to new... Read the full story.


An Eco Awakening

These days consumers and corporations alike are rethinking how to create a better future. With nature playing a central role in the pandemic, a big question being asked personally and professionally is, “How do we as a society gauge what is appropriate for the environment?” Read the full story.


2020 in 3D

In a time of Zoom meetings and virtual trade shows, Taiwan-based Frontier has experienced increased demand for its digital fabric development platform. The co-working software as a service (SaaS) designed to... Read the full story.


Shop Talk

We caught four recent episodes of the ongoing NRF series that featured Marvin Ellison, Brian Cornell, Hal Lawton, and Chris Nassetta. Here’s an edited version of what they had to say about challenges faced in the early days of the pandemic, customer trends, and changes made with an eye on the future. Read the full story.

Out of Context

Outdoor Bubble

Jon is the manager of a famous mountain shop in southwest Colorado. He explained to me that with newly reduced hours and a limited number of customers allowed inside his shop at one time, the store was crushing previous sales records. Read the full story.

May / June 2020 ISSUE
Executive Q&A

Future Focus

Many in the textile sphere liken the COVID-19 crisis to a wake up call. It’s a time to re-think supply chains, analyze the ability to operate closer to the marketplace, and consider new sourcing models. Creating a culture of collaboration goes hand in hand with assessing supply chain structure. Read the full story.

Executive Q&A

Planet Positive

These days, if you want to see sustainability in action, look out the window. Smog has lifted in Los Angeles to reveal a skyline view, in Venice dolphins are swimming in clean water canals, bald eagles soar over Denver, and in Toronto the family of fox that settled into a... Read the full story.


One Billion Gowns by August

The COVID-19 pandemic could well have been the demise of the U.S. textile and apparel industry. Instead, it has presented the industry with an opportunity to respond in a cooperative effort that may harbinger the development of a robust vertical supply chain in the U.S. and Western Hemisphere. Read the full story.


Industry’s New Reality

The traditional tradeshow circuit, a dependable industry cycle of events scheduled years in advance, is getting a do-over. As spring gives way to summer the business conference format continues to... Read the full story.

In The Studio

Wearing What Matters

Creativity in the time of isolation has designers turning to what they have on hand. “We learn to adapt and use creativity to forward that,” says Kim Brannock, who turned header card swatches as well as old camping gear into... Read the full story.


The Future of Gathering

As the “old” days of shuttling to presentations and large trade shows in early 2020 seem like just a blur, industry executives are currently doubling down on how the business of marketing and selling textiles will change...  Read the full story.


The Performance Pivot

Industry and consumers alike have responded to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic by shifting to a new normal that requires face masks and routine safety measures. This change, so fast paced and unexpected, has... Read the full story.

Out of Context

Textiles on the Trail

I don’t know what your trailhead parking lots look like, but here in Colorado ours are packed full, like Fourth of July full, every day of the week. In this state if you’re not at work or drinking expensive craft beer, you go outside... Read the full story.

Environmental responsibility is driving positive change all along the textile supply chain.

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