September / October 2019 ISSUE

Emerging Enterprises

Even companies rooted in green ideals are upping their sustainability profile as it becomes increasingly clear within the textile industry that doing good for the planet has become the modern business model.
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Mission Possible

Textile firms are setting ambitious environmental goals as the need to expand the boundaries of sustainability takes on a heightened sense of urgency within the industry. Read the full story.

Emissions Reduction

Achieving Net-Zero

The textile and apparel industries are steadily making strides towards becoming more sustainable. Recycled and organic fibers, kinder chemistries, more efficient manufacturing and local sourcing are yielding measurable reductions in waste and pollution. Read the full story.


Reframing the Waste Hierarchy

The mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” has been around for years. As we move forward with new standards of sustainability, and consumers make more considered choices, we identify three innovative ways to extend the life of garments. Read the full story.


Yes, Consumers Want Green

So what does “green” mean in terms of footwear today? The products shown here illustrate the latest ways brands are expanding eco options to satisfy shopper desire for shoes that feature a lighter environmental footprint. Read the full story.

Out of Context

Old Carbon

I follow an outdoor journalist whom I admire. The writing is personal, fluid and often deals with the emerging dilemmas facing a climate conscious outdoorsperson and adventurer.
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Chemours Company

Optimistically Seeking Goals

We’ve now come to the realization that “this collective effort by the industry is essential for the changes we’re trying to achieve to take place, and at a scale that’s going to matter for us, the planet and society,” says Chemours’ Bob Buck. Read the full story.

July / August 2019 ISSUE
Consumer Surveys

What Consumers Want

Execs weigh in on a question that’s always top of mind: What do consumers want? We provide answers and top takeaways from our Trend Insight market research.
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Garde Robe

Sentimental Storage

We take a peek inside the business of Garde Robe, a luxury attire management and Cyber Closet valet service, for clients looking for expert care with their most precious pieces of attire. Read the full story.


Suiting Up

Increasingly people are chasing the sun traveling around the globe with suitcases packed with swimwear. This mega-trend is giving way to a selling season that extends to 365 days a year. Contributor Suzanne Blecher reports on how swimwear is making waves.
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Material Stories

Jennifer Ernst Beaudry highlights a handful of the hottest new footwear innovations that bring the heat in terms of material performance, versatile wearability and eco stories.
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Born on a Hike

“We have a Swiss mindset that we are the only tool you need to make something happen,” says Carlo Centonze, HeiQ co-founder and CEO. Read how the company is on a mission to innovate and differentiate.
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Today’s Active Aesthetic

We call out four brands dialed in to modern performance with smart design and savvy fabric selection in new products that exemplify today’s active aesthetic.
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Special Section
Trade Show

Where Function Meets Fashion

Here’s what you need to know about the July trade event, complete with trend highlights, exhibitor list, floor plan and a spotlight on leading edge textile firms on the scene in NYC.
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