The Modern Make

Meeting Market Expectations with Speed, Flexibility and On-the-Mark Innovation.

From micro-batch entrepreneurs to mainstream producers, domestic textile companies are ushering in new manufacturing models and re-shoring efforts to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. If that sounds easy, think again. (Read More)


The New Vegan Footwear

Brands Bet on Materials to Advance Sustainability in Animal-Free Styles.

Vegan footwear is on the rise. According to retail technology and analytics firm Edited, the number of new animal-product-free footwear options has grown dramatically in the U.S, making up 32% of new styles in January, versus 16% of new looks the year before. (Read More)


Heritage Holds On

Experts Explain Why Consumers Today Remain So Keen on Retro.

Heritage is a term that can conjure many meanings – authenticity, quality and nostalgia. Separately, it can also signify old items and things that are out of touch. In a time of self-driving cars and artificial intelligence, have we not improved upon garments from the 1920s? (Read More)


Recycling Reinvented

Partnering with Retailers to Give Stained Shirts and Snagged Socks New Life.

Helpsy is a for-profit B Corp with a mission to “radically change the way people think about clothing recycling.” Last year the firm collected over 25 million pounds of clothes. For co-founder Rachel Kibbe, it’s just the beginning. (Read More)


What’s Next

Sportswear’s Knitting Revolution Combines Form and Function.

Move over, cut-and-sew. The advent of knitted footwear for sports and leisure has inspired a new way of thinking about the design and manufacture of active and athleisure sportswear. Today’s seamless, flatbed and whole garment knitting machines are creating a new class of “knit-to-wear” garments that skip the assembly line. (Read More)

Animal Welfare

Vegan Sheep?

The Role of Animal Welfare Activism as Textile Change Makers.

Animal rights activists took to the streets of New York City this winter with posters and protests denouncing companies for abuse of animals in the manufacturing of goods. For example, PETA posted a billboard in Times Square showing actress Alicia Silverstone – nude, and her backside displayed  – with the headline: “Leave Wool Behind”. (Read More)

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January / February 2019 ISSUE

New Age Performance

Realizing a Future of  Sustainably-Made Functionally-Fit Textiles

The time is here for significant change in how textiles are sourced, produced and communicated to consumers. A collective rallying cry for sustainable practices grows louder every day as news reports of climate change become frequent and the proliferation of ocean plastic pollution makes headlines. (Read More)


Work it Out

Brands Sound Off on Real Opportunity in the Women’s Space Right Now

As a global labor shortage drives more and more trades to recruit women, and online communities bring women in the field together and let their voices be heard, brands in the work space say women’s product isn’t just a service they can provide their consumers — it’s a business opportunity. (Read More)


Planet-Saving Solutions

How Sustainability Is Driving Today’s Disruptive Textile Technologies

For industry critics who complain that “there’s nothing new in textiles,” we say: “Rubbish!”Efforts to mitigate textile “rubbish” in the form of fast-fashion discards, microfiber ocean pollution, and harmful chemicals leached into the environment are driving the development of disruptive textile technologies. (Read More)


Moving Mountains

Holden Shifts its Outdoor Offerings to Less Alpine, More All of the Time

When retailers ask why you’ve made certain decisions (like going off-brand), it’s time to address the problem. Holden co-founders Mike LeBlanc and Scott Zergebel recently decided to take the bull by the horns with a new president, press outreach and updated product vision for their Venice, CA-based brand.  (Read More)