January / February 2019 ISSUE

New Age Performance

Realizing a Future of  Sustainably-Made Functionally-Fit Textiles

The time is here for significant change in how textiles are sourced, produced and communicated to consumers. A collective rallying cry for sustainable practices grows louder every day as news reports of climate change become frequent and the proliferation of ocean plastic pollution makes headlines. (Read More)

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14 Billion Bottles Recycled, 300 Leading Brands

This week, Unifi will announce the winners of its second annual REPREVE® Champions of Sustainability Awards at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show. Get a sneak preview of the awards and our partners in innovation. (Read the full story here)


Work it Out

Brands Sound Off on Real Opportunity in the Women’s Space Right Now

As a global labor shortage drives more and more trades to recruit women, and online communities bring women in the field together and let their voices be heard, brands in the work space say women’s product isn’t just a service they can provide their consumers — it’s a business opportunity. (Read More)


Planet-Saving Solutions

How Sustainability Is Driving Today’s Disruptive Textile Technologies

For industry critics who complain that “there’s nothing new in textiles,” we say: “Rubbish!”Efforts to mitigate textile “rubbish” in the form of fast-fashion discards, microfiber ocean pollution, and harmful chemicals leached into the environment are driving the development of disruptive textile technologies. (Read More)


Moving Mountains

Holden Shifts its Outdoor Offerings to Less Alpine, More All of the Time

When retailers ask why you’ve made certain decisions (like going off-brand), it’s time to address the problem. Holden co-founders Mike LeBlanc and Scott Zergebel recently decided to take the bull by the horns with a new president, press outreach and updated product vision for their Venice, CA-based brand.  (Read More)

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November / December 2018 ISSUE
Industry Q&A

Industry Influencers

Design, Product Development & Textile Innovation

Where is inspiration found? What textiles are intriguing? How does good design take shape? To find answers to these, and other queries on materials, we went right to the source: the talented individuals profiled here. Their responses are creative, thoughtful and occasionally surprising. In other words, just what we’ve come to expect from our Trendsetter candidates. (Read More)


Boutique Fitness

Luxury Workout Apparel Boosts Growth with Flattering Fabrics and Sensible Sizing

A notable change in the way that consumers approach fitness is taking place. A shift to studio class participation (with gyms taking out treadmills to accommodate CrossFit-type program space) is creating a more social experience. Seeing and interacting with fitness friends in this way is fueling a desire for consumers to “up” their wardrobes. (Read More)


Fabrics for Infinity & Beyond

Packing for Space Travel with Functionality, Comfort & Sustainability in Mind

Neil Armstrong made history on July 20, 1969, by becoming the first man to walk on the moon. Now, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of that historic mission, interest in sending humans into space is making headlines again. However, this time around exploring the “final frontier” is less about the astronaut piloting the craft, and more about the crew. (Read More)


Closing the Loop on Ocean Waste

An Industry-Wide Search for Solutions to the Problem of Microfiber Shedding

Plastic pollution in our oceans has become the hot topic in sustainability circles, and the textile industry is just beginning to realize that we own a portion of the blame. The stats are mind-boggling. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, off the coast of California, is estimated to be a 700,000 sq. kilometer mass. But while natural materials decompose, plastics — synthetic materials — break down into smaller and smaller pieces that sink into the ocean depths.
(Read More)

In the Market

Fast Turnaround

New Tech and Industry Alliances Provide Top Talking Points

Textile suppliers exhibiting at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market arrive in Denver with a specific story to tell. Having just made the trek to Colorado three months ago for Summer Market, materials vendors have been limited time-wise in creating brand new collections based on the usual seasonal schedule. However, as the industry shifts to a faster development cycle with shorter lead times, suppliers are responding with newness as best they can and in a variety of ways. (Read More)