Polartec® EcoEngineering™ - Inventing the Future For Over 25 Years

Polartec’s uniquely premium fabrics are created from a foundation of expert knitting and unrivaled finishing.

In 1993, Polartec ® invented the very first knit fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. At the time it wasn’t easy, or even profitable, but it proved a concept. That raw material was all around us, that plastic could achieve high performance, and the potential of sustainable textiles was now our purpose.

From this initial discovery we developed our own process to reliably innovate new ways to reduce resources and increase the sustainability of what me make. Polartec ® EcoEngineering ™ is a ‘whole system approach’ that combines production methods, recycled inputs, and distribution efficiencies.

From enhanced water treatment to inventing protocols for microfiber shedding; from hi-efficiency factory lighting systems to developing new knitting techniques that not only reduce energy consumption, but can actualize the promise of a new generation of protein-based fibers. Polartec® EcoEngineering ™ seeks new solutions and better ways to make fabric.

For over 25 years, we’ve used EcoEngineering ™ to pioneer recycled technologies and push the boundaries of fabric science. Today, we offer more than 200 styles and 6 million yards of sustainably-made, high-performance fabrics every year. But even that’s not enough. Our objective is a ‘triple bottom line’ of sustainable manufacturing: 100% recycled and/or organic inputs, 100% biodegradable output, and 100% repurpose-ability. An audacious goal, for sure. But the kind of goal you’d expect from the world’s leader in innovative (and sustainable) textile solutions.

Who We Are

Established in 1906 as Malden Mills, Polartec® is the premium provider of innovative and sustainable textile solutions. Since inventing modern synthetic fleece in 1981, our engineers have advanced the Science of Fabric, creating fabric technologies that solve problems and improve the way products are designed and used. Our products range from lightweight wicking and cooling fabrics, to insulation and weather protection textiles, and are utilized by leading consumer brands, the U.S. Military and other global militaries, flame resistant, workwear, and contract upholstery markets. From our factories in the U.S. and across the globe, we continue to develop category defining fabrics used in the most challenging environments. By providing solutions to seemingly impossible problems, we collaborate with the world’s leading brands to invent what doesn’t yet exist. We challenge the industry’s status-quo at every layer, turning shortcomings into new solutions. Our global manufacturing network means we make fabric closer to where it is needed, with improved efficiency, quality assurance, and enhanced capabilities. Our supply chain is built from industry-leading investments in sustainable manufacturing so that our compliance meets or exceeds all mandated standards, globally. Today Polartec is part of South Carolina-based Milliken and Company family, a global diversified manufacturer with more than a century and a half of textile expertise. Milliken is the largest textile producer in the United States.

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