How Active Outdoor Explorers Shop

An important element of today’s active lifestyle is adventure travel, with destination getaways focused on fitness and cultural experiences. Packing decisions for weekend breakaways as well trips for longer durations focus on items that go the distance in terms of versatility, packability and products made with fabrics that have multiple performance features. Interestingly, that doesn’t necessarily mean a carry all stuffed with slick synthetics; natural fibers are on the comeback trail in active wardrobes. The charts shown here illuminate these and other trends in consumer shopping behavior. For example, when asked, “When purchasing active apparel for travel purposes,” respondents gave wicking the top spot, but anti-odor, water resistance and UV protection also made the list.  Packability and stain resistance are also mentioned favorably.  This level of performance savvy bodes well for textile suppliers looking for growth in the travel market. A few other takeaways of note: The emerging categories of performance denim and workwear, along with the issue of micro-plastics ocean pollution appear not to resonate with the mainstream consumer despite considerable attention within the industry. It will be interesting to watch how these trends develop in the year ahead.  The panel consisted of 106 active, athletic men and woman who live in the U.S, with an average age of 36.  
Identifying Performance Preferences
Are you more likely to buy apparel or footwear technology that you can see or feel?

Are natural fibers like wool and cotton making a comeback in your active wardrobe?

Do you have more or less denim products in your closet than 5 years ago?
Do you wear denim more or less often for outdoor experiences?


What does the term “workwear” mean to you?

Clothes and footwear made for intentional purposes such as steel toe work boots or wicking shirts.

I think of technical clothing to wear for work.

Construction/yard work. This term always makes me think of non-technical outdoor brands like Timbeland or Carhartts, etc.

Wear that pertains to those who work in the elements, literally.

Rugged toes, knees, rip-stop

Clothing that has cooling technology and uv protection.

Athletic apparel that is work appropriate.

Durable, practical, able to get dirty and wear forever without wearing out.

Comfortable clothes you can wear every day and last.

Issued uniform.

Clothes that you can wear to work, but are comfortable to just wear.

Business casual - cotton polos and khakis

For work workwear means business casual clothes. It Is also for exercise hiking, boating, fishing etc.

Workwear to me includes many of the shirts and pants that I currently own - Patagonia and Kuhl shirts/pants that are comfortable and fashionable enough to wear in the office while bulletproof durability and wicking features allow them to work well at the campsite.

Clothes for working outside.


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Mon, Aug 28, 2017
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